ECSG enchances client profitability and safety through the design and delivery of quality solutions

Asset Tracking

  • In many industries one of the key challenges is to manage an ever-increasing number of high-value assets. For any organization, the first step

Asset Management

  • As businesses consider the value of implementing an automated system to track assets through an RTLS and RFID solution, it’s obvious that it

Staff Safety

  • Ensuring the safety of all staff members is any business’ first responsibility and the advances in RTLS mean it has never been easier

Technical Consulting

  • ECSG’s technical consultants are subject matter experts in RTLS, RFID and Wi-Fi.  We bring a wealth of experience and skill to guide you


ECSG is driving RTLS technical innovation to change the way you view your business.

RTLS Solutions

  • What is RTLS An RTLS (Real Time Location System) is a combined hardware and software system that is used to automatically identify the location of

RFID Solutions

  • What is RFID? Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. RFID systems consist

Wireless Solutions

  • Overview of Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi revolution has transformed how we work, play and communicate, and is now one of the most utilized technologies in everyday


Different industries have different tracking requirements and ECSG can design a solution to suit your organisation.

Health Care

  • Healthcare is an industry unlike any other. For healthcare providers, efficiency is not just good fiscal practice – it’s a critical part of patient care,

Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas is one of the most uniquely challenging environments and, as a trillion-dollar industry, also one of the biggest growing markets in the


  • The tracking of assets and staff brings unique challenges in the Mining industry, with its harsh environments  where safety is the number one concern.  RTLS

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