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Utilities industry

Mission critical operations with a large workforce are some of the complexities navigated by most utility and service providers on a daily basis. An enterprise grade IoT platform like CORE PoET supports this industry by increasing visibility of their assets as well as addressing staff and operational emergencies. This is facilitated through capabilities in asset management, condition monitoring, lone worker solutions, critical spares management and an enterprise collaboration tool.

Resources industry

Usually, the industrial facilities of the resources sector are in remote areas spanning hundreds of square kilometres. Scarcity of proper ICT infrastructure adds to its challenges in tracking people and equipment in real time. CORE PoET leverages on technology such as LoRa, LTE, 3G/4G/GPS or Satellite to address these challenges.

Retail industry

The Retail industry is constantly looking at avenues to improve their supply chain, operational efficiencies and customer experience. CORE PoET can help the retail industry to track and manage their inventory, analyse space utilisation and extra valuable insights from customer journey inside stores.

Healthcare industry

The wellbeing of patients and staff as well as visibility and management of critical assets are of paramount importance to the healthcare industry. CORE PoET provides a flexible patient and staff safety and security solution whilst also providing asset management capability all through a single system. CORE PoET aids in optimising inventory to achieve the cost savings and improved patient outcomes desired by healthcare facilities and providers.

Facilities Management industry

The Facilities Management industry is often a low margin, labour intensive sector with diverse asset and people management requirements. The industry is always looking at opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity and add more value. CORE PoET can support the FM industry by maintaining a balance for the optimum utilisation of resources such as people, assets and technology to achieve maximum value, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Aged Care industry

With an increasingly ageing population and a challenging service delivery environment, the Aged Care industry is looking at avenues to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes. CORE PoET can play a vital role in enabling remote monitoring of elderly and disabled community members. CORE PoET smart edge sensors can monitor a person's daily routine, general wellbeing and other health parameters while updating the caregiving community in real time.

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